Home Economics Is Making A Come-Back Because Many Students Don’t Have Basic Life Skills

Looking back on my career in school, there are certain things that stand out in my mind. Perhaps one of the classes that I remember more than any other is home economics, along with “shop”. Interestingly, it wasn’t all that long ago that students would be split according to gender as to which class they went in. Most of the boy students would take shop in order to learn how to work with tools and to make repairs around the home. Most of the girls, with the other hand, would take home economics. There were some crossovers at that time but it was not all that common.

Some of us have very fond memories of home economics classes. We were able to learn quite a few different things during that time, and they were things that we carried with us for the rest of our lives. At the time, it may have seemed as if it was just an easy grade but how many times you think back on the something that you learned in that class and you are still using it down to this day? Over the course of time, however, those classes started to go away in favor of other classes. It seems as if they are starting to make a comeback at this time.

The Ontario Home Economics Association wants a food and nutrition course to be mandatory in Ontario schools: http://bit.ly/1s587c5

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The basic classes of reading, writing, and arithmetic are what we find in most schools today. Certain life skills are not being taught at school because they are considered to be less important. In reality, however, children don’t tend to get those life skills at home so it is more important that they learn them today at school. That is why educators and parents are trying to get home economic classes back into the school systems again. It can help to teach children everything from how to cook and take care of laundry to balancing the checkbook.

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There are finance or business management classes offered in some schools but it is quite another to teach budgeting and personal finance. Most kids want to know how to effectively budget their money when they get out in the real world and start working. They may be taught some of these things at home but far too often, children are put in a sink or swim scenario and it doesn’t always turn out well for them.

The Old School Page remembers Home Economics class in school.

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In addition to learning how to budget money, there are other things that home economics classes can teach your children. It includes paying taxes, managing credit card debt, or perhaps even just knowing what to do with your money so that you have a little set aside for a rainy day. That isn’t even to mention the fact that most of us take advantage of living in a throw-away world when it is so simple to repair something and keep using it. Watch the following for more information on the topic: