Are You Sharp Enough To See More Than One Figure In The Picture?

There is an old saying that not everything is as it seems and sometimes, things are made to seem different in order to trick us and our eyes. Optical illusions are a perfect example of this. Our eyes take in information and pass it to the brain but if it takes in too much information at one time, the brain can’t keep up with it and an optical illusion is formed. At the same time, our brain is also geared toward seeing faces. That is why we can pick out a single face that is familiar to us when we look out over a large crowd.

An artist by the name of William Ely Hill took advantage of this when he published an image in an American humor magazine. It was back in 1888 when the image appeared on a German postcard and he gained a lot of attention. The company handed the postcard with warnings that there was a hidden message on the inside. Some people were able to see the message and other people couldn’t. It was rather clever, and it continues to be clever down till this day. Take a look at the postcard below and see if you can find the hidden message. Look at the following page for these can’t see it.