A Bride’s Rant To Grieving Friend Goes Viral And Leaves Her Dumped At The Altar

There are times when we hear stories that are just too unbelievable and we start to wonder how people could act in such a horrible way. Of course, we realize that there are people that do crazy things, but the bride in this story took things to an even higher (or lower) level. Perhaps that is why she is being described as a bridezilla or even a human trash bag by the Internet. After all, she did the most unthinkable thing to a friend and in the end, she may have gotten what she had coming to her. It’s up to the individual to decide if she got her just desserts or not, but this is a good one.

It all started when the bride-to-be had an exchange with her friend. It was posted online and went viral, but it wasn’t because it was a warm and fuzzy conversation, it was because it was horrible. As you looked down through the conversation below, you will see just how mean one person can be. Okay, we get it, it’s your big day and we understand that you want everything to be perfect but when you do something like this, especially today when it could be shared so quickly, it really shows your stripes.

She even took on some other friends!

In the end, the groom ended up leaving her when he saw how poorly she had treated her friend. Did she get what she deserved? You be the judge.