Tiny Boy Salutes Queen’s Guard But The Guard Shook Things Up When He Turned Around

When a child is young, they have the ability to show a lot of passion about anything that interests them. Although their interest is going to change from time to time and it certainly is going to change from the time they are young until they are older, there are things that catch their eye that just seem to stick in their mind. It may be a cartoon character, dinosaurs, policemen or perhaps fire trucks. It seems as if once they get something like that in mind, they just focus on it from that point forward.

That is also the case with a little boy named Marshall. He has an interest as well, and for him, it was the queen’s guard. He just can’t seem to get enough of them and, considering the fact that his family lived near Windsor Castle, it was something he was able to develop fully in his life. Even though he was very young, he was already showing signs that he was going to focus on this for quite some time.

Marshall loved the Queen’s guard so much that he enjoyed dressing up as a guardsman. Although the suit looked official, it was actually quite cute to see him standing there.

We often see children dressing up as athletes or superheroes or they may even wear something associated with their favorite character on TV. Marshall also dresses up like his hero but his hero is a guardsman. That is why his mother came up with a unique surprise for him.

It was Marshall’s fourth birthday when she took him to Windsor Castle so he could watch the changing of the guards. He wanted to wear his special uniform on that day.

When they were standing outside the castle, Marshall was waiting at a doorway where the British Queens Coldstream Guards would come marching by. Marshall saw them and started saluting right away.

He could hear their shoes clicking on the hard surface of the road. He just couldn’t wait to be so close to them.

Marshall looked like a miniature version of the real thing as he stood there saluting them. They marched right past without breaking formation and went into the doorway.

It was quite a surprise when one of the guards turned around and came back out into the opening again. This was completely out of the ordinary.

He did more than come back out, he walked over to Marshall and motioned for him to get closer. They couldn’t believe what was happening.

This is something that you don’t see every day so everybody was curious as to what was going to take place.

Push play on the video below and you will see what took place. It will melt your heart: