Mom Wants New Look For Son’s Wedding And When She Gets It, She Flips Out

Most of us have reached a point in our life where we feel as if we need a do-over. Janet is somebody who also felt very similar. She was ready to start her life over when she flew in from Utah to visit Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy. She actually visited him for two different reasons. First of all, she was going through some health problems and wanted to start over as best as she could. Secondly, her son was getting married to a girl that she loved and she wanted to look her best. Perhaps that is the most important reason why she came to see Christopher and you will not believe the difference.

Unfortunately, Janice’s husband got sick and died a few years ago. She went into a deep depression and was struggling to get by from one day to the next. She was eventually able to bounce back since that time. “I literally have never done anything like this by myself, or for myself…I just thought if I don’t do it now, I never will,” she explained to the Makeover Guy team. “And there’s no promise of tomorrow.” When they asked her what type of look she wanted, she said, “Just to be me, but better.”

When she arrived in many Annapolis, she had thinned, long gray hair and Christopher knew that he was in for a challenge. It wasn’t long before he revealed the new look to Janet and she was blown away with the transformation. She was looking at somebody different in the mirror but as it turns out, it wasn’t only her looks that got transformed that day, her personality was transformed as well. She said that she was articulate in the initial interview but she was still quiet nonetheless.

When they showed her the new look, it’s like her personality came bursting out from inside of her. It’s great to see her shining through! “It looks like me, not somebody else. It’s not so overdone.” She then went on to say that she hadn’t laughed like that in years.

They asked her what her husband would’ve thought and she thought he would say, “You did it, girl, I’m so proud of you.” It’s definitely a new beginning for Janet!

The people watching the video have to agree. One viewer said, “Janet, you are a sweetheart! I love the new hair, it’s light and airy, perfect for a Spring wedding and a brand new life. All the best!!” Another one said, “She has been revived and looks gorgeous!!” And another one said, “I love the laughter…very healing. You look fabulous!”

You can see for yourself in this video: