Tim Hawkins Makes Hilarious Parody Song – ‘The Sounds Of Starbucks’

Did you ever notice how certain songs just seem to lend themselves to being covered by other artists? Some of them are so classic and popular that you would expect other people to sing them. This would include having people sing them at local talent shows or perhaps at a family get-together. In the case of the song such as ‘The Sound of Silence’, it would also include plenty of professional singers as well.

Tim Hawkins is somebody that loves covering songs but as a comedian, he doesn’t always do it in the way that most people would expect. He is a standup comic that is certain to tickle your funny bone but he also was able to parody songs in a way that will make you laugh out loud. When he goes after the ‘Sound of Silence’, You are going to see exactly what I mean.

Disturbed is perhaps responsible for revitalizing the song when they did their own version of it in 2015. That is the version that is parodied by Tim Hawkins in this amazing video and he is going after the obsession that many people have with Starbucks.

Hello coffee, my old friend.
I’ve come to order you, again.
I hear the grinding of espresso beans.
I need a double shot of pure caffeine.
And the Indie-band on the speakers soothes my brain
So I’ll remain
Within the sounds of Starbucks.

He talks about how he tried to brew his own coffee but he missed his morning rush of people as he sat back in the leather chair and relaxed. That is when he went down to Starbucks and chaos proceeds to break loose because there was no cream to be found.

If you are somebody that enjoys having your morning cup of coffee, you will appreciate what he has to say. It might even make you laugh at your habits and perhaps you might enjoy your coffee just a little bit more.

Watch this hilarious parody in the following video:

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