A Father And Son Camping Trip Turns Hilarious With A Single Question

There are many things that we might do to entertain ourselves but perhaps the one that we enjoy more than any other is when we have the chance to get away from it all. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys camping and if that is the case, you have probably spent some time outdoors in a tent. It can be a real experience that recharges your batteries but as you are about to see, it can also help to sharpen your wits. In the following joke, a father and son enjoy some time camping and things get funny very quickly.

An educated son and his illiterate father went on a camping trip. They set up their tent and fell asleep. After a few hours father woke his son and asked…

Father : Look up the sky and tell me what are you seeing?

Son: I am seeing millions of stars.

Father: What does that mean to you?

Son: Astronomically, it means that there are millions of galaxies and planets in the space.

Father: No, you idiot! It means someone has stolen our tent.