5 Navy Men Stand On Stage, Then They Look Up The Crowd Loses It

There is something about a live performance of music when it is done by talented individuals that just seems to make an audience come alive. It is especially true if they are singing a song that is either well-known or by an artist that is loved by the people in attendance. When everything comes together, however, you have a recipe for something wonderful and that is what happened in this particular concert.

Are you somebody who loves music from ‘Jersey Boys’? Everybody in the audience in this video absolutely loved it. When the United States Navy chorus joined together for a performance, everybody was on their feet before the singing was over. In fact, they were actually dancing in the aisles! Now that the Navy chorus has been posted online, the video is going viral and when you see it, you will know why.

Did you realize that the United States Navy had a dedicated band that included a skilled chorus? Most people were not aware of it but the “Sea Chanters” have been singing and impressing audiences for more than six decades. Lieut. Harold Fultz was the founder of the group and it started out with some Navy school music students who wanted to sing. The chorus has expanded since that time and currently has dozens of members who all bring something special to the group.

The Sea Chanters performed for audiences all across the United States. They even travel around the world to perform everywhere. Along the way, they have gained a lot of admiration and they are a main attraction for the Navy band. The music and voices coming together is really something to hear and this performance that you will see in the video below shows you exactly why they have gained such viral fame: