Family Starts Sleeping Downstairs After Their Dog Has 2 Strokes And Can’t Climb

When we have a dog in our life, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them. We provide them with everything they need to live a happy and fulfilling life. This includes spending quality time with them, giving them a warm place to rest and providing plenty of good food. At the same time, however, we would have to admit that dogs are going to be there for us in ways that we could never repay. This includes all of the love they show to us over the years. Perhaps this family from Yorkshire is aware of this more than most.

Spike has been a part of the Morris family for many years. According to Catherine, the dog wouldn’t take no for an answer when they first brought him home and would go upstairs to spend the night with them. Spike sleeps in their bed and loves cuddling but, unfortunately, a turn in his health has changed things. You see, Spike is 14 now and he had two strokes that have severely limited what he is able to do. After his send stroke, he had to learn how to walk again and couldn’t climb the stairs. That is when the family decided they would be there for him in a special way.

The Morris family decided that they would not let their furry friend spend the night on his own. Since they came back home, the mother and father would take turns spending the night downstairs sleeping with the dog. When Catherine came home from college, she was put into the rotation.

You never know what a dog might need in life but when you experience the love and companionship they show, you are willing to go the extra mile. That is surely true of this family and they are doing something that goes beyond what anyone could have expected.