Dad Rescues Dogs’ Favorite Toy Bear Left Outside In The Rain

It seems as if all we hear about this bad news but every once in a while, we hear a good news story that can make your heart feel like smiling. In many cases, it involves an animal, and they certainly have our heart. One such story that has come out recently is about a dog that had lost his favorite animal. As many of you know, dogs can become attached to those animals and they are rarely ever very far apart from each other. For Lucky, it looked as if the little stuffed bear was about to disappear forever.

For the past six years, Lucky and the bear were constantly together. Even though Lucky got older and older and the bear continued to show some age, it was still a most beloved toy. Unfortunately, a terrible storm that hit the area threatened the relationship between the dog and its beloved bear. It was a very sad time when the bear was almost lost.

Lucky’s mom, Michaella Wallace, says, “It has no stuffing left in it anymore and it goes everywhere with him. He plays with it at all times. He protects it like it’s his own baby.”

It only took a single mistake to almost tear that bear away from Lucky. When Lucky went outside to go to the bathroom, he took his bear along with him but in the darkness, he left them outside and the storm came close and Lucky had to go inside alone. After the storm hit, the yard was covered with a blanket of snow.

When the snow melted the following morning, Michaella Wallace’s dad headed outside and he found the bear. Things were looking good at this point.

Even though the bear was certainly on its last legs, the father knew just how much it meant to lucky so he didn’t give up.

He brought the toy inside and immediately started a rescue.

Wallace’s father continued to give progress reports as Teddy was getting better.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a complete loss. Since he cared for him so well, Teddy started to make a recovery.

Wallace’s father even set up a recovery room for the teddy bear. He was quite comfortable in the recovery bed which included an IV drip. Teddy continued to get better. In the meantime, Lucky and his sister, Laci were allowed to come in for a visit.

After some time for recovery, the teddy bear pulled through and is now in good health. We hope that they don’t ever have to be worried about being separated again.

Wallace’s father had a rather creative way of handling a situation that could have been slightly stressful. It seems as if he is known for turning routine matters into something that the entire family can laugh at.

It’s little wonder that Lucky and Laci, along with the rest of the family love him very much.